The Queen of Our Hearts

ISDA Member Ron Onesti delivers a special tribute to Sofia Loren.

This article, written by Ron Onesti, appears on Daily Herald.

Even though I was born in the early ’60s, I was brought up in a WWII household. My dad was an 18-year-old sergeant in the U.S. Army fighting Hitler’s brigade in Anzio and Rome, Italy, and Southern France. My mom, who was born in Florence, Italy, watched American tanks roll by her house on a daily basis.

By the time I came along 21 years later, the war stories at the kitchen table were shared regularly, often ending in an argument about Mussolini pre Hitler vs. Mussolini post Hitler. It was a complicated coffee-table battle that my younger sister, brother and I didn’t really understand until we were much older.

One thing there was never an argument over was the topic of the most beautiful actress in movies. In an era of Elizabeth Taylor, Ava Gardner, Vivian Leigh, Rita Hayworth, Jane Russell, Marilyn Monroe and so many others, there was no goddess of the silver screen who represented beauty, class and elegance more than Sophia Loren — at least not in our Italian-American household. Read more at Daily Herald…

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