19 Lovable Traits Every Italian American Nonna Shares

These lovable (and humorous) qualities pretty much sum up any visit to nonna's house.

By: Rachel Vadaj, ISDA Editor 

Each Nonna is unique in her own motherly, loving and joyous way. However, Italian American matriarchs and these characteristics go together like pasta and meatballs:

1. She worries about you…all the time…about everything.

2. If she knows something, you can bet she already told it to everyone in the Italian grape vine.

3. She keeps everything, and everyone, in her house clean (even going so far as putting plastic on the furniture).

4. She won’t let you leave her house without eating something.

5. She’ll even be insulted if you don’t eat multiple plates of her food…

6. …which isn’t too hard because she cooks the BEST food.

7. She has no exact measurements for any of her recipes.

8. But, she gets excited when you learn how to cook her dishes (after you figured out how much a “pinch” and a “handful” measured out to be).

9. She’ll prepare some form of homemade pasta dish for every holiday, special occasion, Sunday supper…

10. She’s always there to support you and cheer you on.

11. She’ll sneak you money even when you insist you don’t need it.

12. You’re always in her long list of daily prayers.

13. She always looks her best (and doesn’t seem to age a day).

14. She is always looking forward to more grandchildren to spoil.

15. She has a tendency to be just a little dramatic.

16. She’s hilarious when her fun, mischievous side comes out.

17. There’s a good chance your dog may be taller than her, and an even greater chance you surpassed her height before you were 10 years old.

18. She is proud of her Italian heritage, and tells it like it is.

19. Nonna is the coolest person you will ever know.

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