Honoring the Brave Who Answered the Call: Vietnam War Veterans Day

Like any other soldier, they defended our flag with honor and they supported democracy.

The following article was written by ISDA Contributing Editor, and retired U.S. Army Lt. Colonel, Tony Traficante. 

An act of Congress was signed into law by President Donald Trump designating March 29 National Vietnam War Veterans Day.

While we honor our war dead on Memorial Day and our living veterans on Veterans Day, this is a time when we give a special tribute to those who served during the Vietnam War.

It is a recognition long overdue!

Like any other soldier, they defended our flag with honor. They supported democracy. They fought in brutal conditions.

When many Vietnam War veterans returned to America, they were unwelcome. It was an unpopular war, and the military men and women returning home were met with disdain, spit upon and harassed.

They did their duty as ordered. They didn’t decide to go to war. They answered the call to service. And yet the military men and women who fought in Vietnam did not receive the gratitude, of a Nation, for their service.

Out of the 2.7 million U.S. service members who served in Vietnam, more than 58,000 died, and more than 304,000 were wounded.

We cannot change the actions of the past, but we can make it right. It is time we recognize the bravery of our Vietnam veterans.

At last. Welcome home Vietnam Veterans!

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