Pope Honors Feast of St. George by Treating Rome’s Poor to Ice Cream

Pope Francis racked up the large dessert tab to treat Rome's neediest people.

In honor of the feast of St. George, celebrated on April 23, Pope Francis ordered 3,000 ice creams to treat Rome’s poorest people.

The chilled dessert comes as welcome news as Rome has been baking in summer-like heat for the past week.

The Argentine pontiff, who’s real name is Jorge (George) Mario Bergoglio, wanted to use St. George’s Day to help the neediest people.

“Three thousand ice creams will therefore be distributed to those who are welcomed every day by soup kitchens and shelters,” a Vatican statement said.

One of the Pope’s core missions is to ease the suffering of the poor, and he’s been known to hand out sleeping bags, food and supplies to the country’s most vulnerable people, according to The Local. 

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