What to Bring Back From Your Next Trip to Italy

Can't decide what to buy? It all depends on what region you travel to.

The following travel blog, written by Francesca Montillo, appears on The Lazy Italian. 


Is it June, or is it November? If you live in the Boston area, it’s hard to tell these days. Rain, dreary, cold and downright depressing! We haven’t had much of a spring and I’m afraid we’re going to jump right into summer soon. What ever happened to a nice spring? The only thing on my mind these days is my upcoming trip to Italy! The thought of summers in Italy has kept me going ever since we moved here from the Bel Paese. Summers in Italy are what made the school year bearable growing up!  Especially when we first moved here, and we were still learning English. My dad and I would count down the months, then the weeks, until eventually we were counting in days and hours!  The excitement was almost too much to take!


Don’t, just don’t….
​I must say, not much has changed, and I still count down the days to my return trips to Italy! And, if you’re like me and are planning a trip to Italy this summer, chances are, you’re going to be bringing some souvenirs for yourself and close friends. But rather than the standard magnet that says “I “heart” Italy” that is likely made in China, how about a thoughtful gift instead? Yes, you will be spending more, but it will go a lot further in appreciation and will surely make the recipient feel so special! Think quality over quantity!


Think a wheel will fit in my luggage?
​Much like everything in Italy, souvenirs can be regionally divided. Depending on your destination, I have created here a short list of ideal gifts based on the region you will be visiting. Perhaps it’s the foodie in me, but I must say, food is always an appreciated gift. But don’t limit yourself to food alone; use this guide as a quick reference of must-bring-back gifts. But if you are planning to bring back food, be sure to check with your airline and the State Department before packing anything, just to make sure you are not bringing back any contraband food items! Nothing hurts more than having your luggage cracked opened at customs and seeing the agents trash your goodies, trust me I know how much it hurts from experience!


So pretty, and so delicate!

Northern Italy:

If you’re headed to Venice this summer, brace yourself for the heat and crowds! But besides that, be sure to pick up a small handmade Murano glass statuette or figurine. Murano is a small island off of Venice that produces the real thing. When buying your gift, be sure it has the Artistic Murano Glasstrademark to make sure you are getting an authentic item and not a cheap replica aimed at eager tourists!


One of many silk shops in Bellagio, Como
Perhaps you’re headed to Lake Como this summer. I know, I know: I want to get a glimpse of George too, but in case he’s too busy with his new twins, I can at least shop for some high-quality silk. Seventy percent of Europe’s silk is made in Como, so you know you’re going to find a beautiful scarf for that fashionista friend of yours. Continue reading at The Lazy Italian.

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