Venice Gets Tough on Tourists With New Rules, Fines

Italy's crackdown continues as cities employ measures to keep tourists in check.

It started with Florence in June, when city officials announced church steps would be drenched with water to discourage tourists from snacking on historic stairways.

Then came the news this month that Milan would ban selfie sticks and water bottles in its busiest squares.

Now — following recent anti-tourist protests — Venice has banned picnicking in public areas and wearing swimsuits during sightseeing.

Express reports that it’s all part of a new measure referred to as #EnjoyRespectVenezia, which also includes no littering, loitering on bridges, jumping in canals or cycling down busy streets.

If tourists break the rules, they’ll be hit with fines ranging from $35 to $585.

Local tourism councillor Paola Mar told La Nuova: “The message we have to get through is that we’re not joking.

“If it gets about that people who do this kind of thing are fined, as well as it being flagged to their respective embassies, perhaps we’ll be able to stop others copying.”

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