The Best Destinations to Visit in Italy This Fall

Italian fall smells like honey, chestnut and wine, and features color-soaked landscapes and vineyards.


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Fall in Italy has nothing to do with grey sky or cold wind. Italian fall smells like honey, chestnut, wine, truffle and pumpkin. It features endless vineyards and typical local fests, colourful autumn forests and  art exhibitions in towns, hospitable southern islands and still warm sea water.

If you happen to come to Italy in autumn, don’t worry about not finding interesting places to visit. Every Italian region is full of fantastic fall destinations – you just have to make a choice.

Rome and places around

fall destinations italy

Fall destinations in Italy? Of course the one to start with is the Italian capital Rome. In September the air temperature lowers (in comparison to the summer hotness) and walking around the city’s places of interest becomes much more pleasant.

The Colosseum, St Peter’s Basilica, Palazzo Madama, The Mouth of Truth, Trevi Fountain, Piazza di Spagna… These are but a few suggestions to visit in Rome during your fall trip. The Eternal City is full of worthy fall destinations for any kind of personal preferences: art, history, religion, nature, travelling with kids – you can find whatever you want in the Italian capital and its suburbs.


fall destinations italy

Also the numerous Tuscan art cities become much easier to visit, especially for kids and seniors, when the temperature outside is lower than the unbearable 35°C in summer. We suggest you start in the capital city Florence: enjoy the city centre, visit the famous Uffizi gallery with no need to wait in a long queue and start your trip around the well-known spots of Tuscany: Siena, Lucca, Pisa and others.

In case you are looking for the autumn colours, make a trip to the Senese Clays – a range of hills and woods among Tuscan villages full of breathtaking red and orange landscapes.

Aosta Valley and Trentino mountains

fall destinations italy

If autumn for you is a synonym of mountains, have a look at the Italian Alps when choosing your fall destinations. There you can do trekking or simple long relaxing walks with fantastic views. We also recommend you visit the local villages and numerous castles.

Val D’Aosta is also a great place for those who appreciate good food and wine: in autumn you can find many typical Italian “sagre” (local fests) in this region.

Langhe and Monferrato

fall destinations italy

Another idea for wine lovers is the Northern Italian region Piemonte, especially, the Langhe, Roero and Monferrato trio. A significant part of this area has been deemed a World Heritage Site by UNESCO .

If you choose Piemonte as one of your fall destinations, the best way to explore it is to travel from one valley to another, dropping by small family-driven trattorias where you can try the typical local dishes accompanied by a glass of delicious wine. Continue reading at 

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