Planning A Wedding In Italy

Everything you need to know...

This article, written by Catherine Edwards, appears on The Local.

Everything you need to know about planning a wedding in Italy

It’s no surprise that Italy, one of the most romantic countries in the world, is a popular choice for destination weddings. But true love never did run smooth – and neither did Italian bureaucracy – so here’s everything you should know before you start planning the big day in Italy, according to two experienced wedding planners.

“There are plenty of reasons to host your wedding in Italy: a personal connection to the country, the romantic connotations, warm weather, or just the geographical location,” says Bonnie Marie, who has been working as a wedding planner in Italy for over 20 years.

“Italy can be a convenient half-way point – or an excuse to cut down on the guest list! The idea of an all-Italian wedding dinner complete with local wines alone might be enough to inspire you to elope.” Read more at The Local…

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