Make the Most of Your Italian Vacation

Speaking from experience, one writer shares seven ways to keep yourself from ruining your trip.

This article, written by Lisa Condie, appears on Huffington Post.

7 Ways To Ruin Your Italian Vacation

I am sitting in a small café just off of Piazza Signoria, watching crowds of tourists go by. Their faces contain a variety of expressions, from awe to frustration. As people of every age and ethnicity form the passing parade, I think of how important this trip is to them.
Each person who vacations in Italy will leave with their own impression of the cities they visited, and for some, it may be their one and only time in the boot country. My wish is that they have their eyes and hearts opened to the beauty that resides here, and appreciate the Italian people and culture.

A few ways to guarantee that won’t happen: View the List…

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