Italian Village not Giving Money in Exchange for New Residents

Lost in Translation: The Mayor of Bormida floated a proposal that was misinterpreted by media outlets.

This article was published by The Local. 

No, You Won’t Get Paid €2,000 to Move to an Idyllic Italian Village

“It was only a suggestion,” said the exasperated mayor of tiny Italian village Bormida on Wednesday, after thousands of people from across the world took him up on an offer of money in exchange for moving to the hamlet.

Mayor Daniele Galliano has begged people to “stop calling” after the proposal made international headlines.

In a now-deleted Facebook post, Galluano mooted the idea of creating ‘small village funds’ at a regional level, so that villages suffering from depopulation like Bormida could offer a €2,000 bonus to those relocating there.

In four days, more than 17,000 people inundated the village council, eager for more information about the offer.

The news was first picked up by the Guardian on Sunday – which noted that the offer of money was only a provisional idea – and was soon reported globally, from Fox News to the New Zealand Herald. But somewhere along the way, the story got distorted, with Galliano saying several people were under the impression they would be offered the bonus, a job, and cheap rent.

“It was just an idea to be proposed to the Ligurian regional authorities, with whom I am in contact,” Galliano clarified in what he said would be “his last statement on the subject.” Continue reading at The Local. 

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