Italy’s Most Beautiful Fountains

Condé Nast Traveler ranks their top picks throughout the country.

In Italy, art is celebrated in many forms: painting, sculpture, drawing, fresco, architecture, and even fountains.

Once meeting places for theologians, the fountains of Italy inspired with their storytelling and awed with their beauty. Oftentimes, dramatic conflicts had played out in their design, and some of these conflicts were permanently acknowledged in their execution with cheeky references.

As the centuries passed, these works of art became shrouded in mysteries and legends which were told and retold to the generations who gathered beneath them.

Today, thousands of tourists flee to visit these masterpieces weekly, their very grandness demanding an equally grand homage. Click on the link below to view the top 13 fountains to visit in Italy, and witness the beauty for yourself…

From Strange to Stunning, These Are Italy’s Most Beautiful Fountains


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