Italy’s Cliffside Lake Garda Path Will Give Cyclists the Sensation of Floating

It's already being hailed as one of the world's most beautiful bike rides, and it hasn't even opened yet.

The following article, written by Catherine Edwards, appears on The Local.

It will soon be possible to cycle around Italy’s largest lake on an incredible “floating” bicycle path.

The path has already been called Europe’s most beautiful bike ride, and it’s not even finished yet — but drone footage of the route under construction has been viewed tens of thousand of times on social media.

Ciclabile di Limone sul Garda

Avanzamento dei lavori per la ciclopedonale sospesa di Limone sul Garda Video di Davide Bertoldi

Posted by Garda-outdoors on Thursday, April 12, 2018

When complete, the path will measure 87 miles (140 kilometers) circling the entirety of Lake Garda.

Built off the side of the surrounding cliffs, and in some places even skimming the surface of the water, the idea is to give cyclists the sensation of floating or flying over the lake.

The project, which was given the go-ahead last April, is aimed at boosting the growing sector of bike tourism in Italy, which already draws around 220,000 visitors to the country each year. Continue reading at The Local. 

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