Italian Garden Gets Styled By Gucci

The fashion house announces funding for a €2 million overhaul on a famous Florentine landmark.

This article appears on The Local.

One of Italy’s most famous gardens is getting a Gucci-funded revamp

Gucci will fund a €2 million restoration of Florence’s popular Boboli gardens, the fashion house announced on Tuesday.

The Tuscan capital’s Uffizi art gallery will organize the restoration project, the latest in a line of several private-funded revamps of cultural landmarks.

It is not yet clear exactly what the makeover will involve, but Uffizi Director Eike Schmidt said the project would ” make the garden’s greenery thrive again and restore it to its status as the Italian Versailles.”

Italy’s Culture Minister Dario Franceschini also hailed the news, noting that fashion is a key part of Italian cultural heritage.

“In our country, taste, elegance, and beauty are part of our daily life,” said Franceschini. “I find it very positive that Gucci and the Boboli Gardens, two integral parts of our culture and creativity, are working together.” Read more at The Local…

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