From Italy to the US, Catholics Celebrate Mary’s Ascent to Heaven

From Ferragosto in Italy to the Feast of the Assumption in the U.S., Catholics around the world are celebrating the Church's most beloved Mother.

Held on Aug. 15, Ferragosto, which coincides with the Catholic feast of the Assumption of Mary, is a holiday that dates back to around 18 BC when Roman Emperor Augustus organized festivities to celebrate the seasonal harvest, according to Italy Magazine.

Today, the holiday combines both its ancient Roman and Catholic roots.

While Ferragosto would usually be celebrated with special church services and religious processions, as well as fireworks displays and dancing under the stars, many events have been canceled this summer due to the coronavirus, according to The Local.

Here’s a typical beach scene during past Ferragosto celebration:

Meanwhile, Assumption celebrations have also been canceled in the U.S., so as we await 2021, here’s a photo slideshow of a large-scale feast that attracts 100,000 people to Cleveland, Ohio’s Little Italy every year.

(Photo credit: Effems)

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