Florence Makes a Splash Driving Away Hungry Tourists

Literally. The plan is simple: soak the city's church stairs and ward off snacking tourists.

The following article appears on The Local. 

Florence authorities have come up with a novel way of discouraging tourists from sitting and snacking on the steps of the cities’ cathedrals: hosing the sites down with water.

Mayor Dario Nardella announced the initiative on Wednesday morning, and at lunchtime the first cleanings took place.

“From today, we’ll be experimenting with a very simple measure: pouring water over the church steps to clean the spaces, and hopefully discourage people from eating, drinking and making a mess there,” Nardella told reporters.

“If tourists want to sit there, they’ll get wet,” he said. “Florence is full of cafes with outdoor seating, tables, and benches. The churches aren’t restaurants; they are religious and cultural sites.” Continue reading at The Local. 

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