Exploring Italy’s “Prosecco Road”

Amid cries of a worldwide shortage (don’t worry, Italy assures us it’s not going to happen), travel Writer Paul Abercombie gives us a peak into summer’s favorite wine.

When your family visits Venice for the third spring in a row, as mine recently did, you know you’re more than a little keen for the place.

Or, as a pal put it less delicately before our trip, “You guys are Venice freaks”.

Fair enough.

But even for hard-core fans of Italy’s floating city, I found myself, midway through our latest visit, craving fresh adventure. OK, I also wanted a break from this season’s epidemic of selfie sticks, apparently superglued to the hands of every other tourist in town.

We had been talking for years about experiencing where and how one of our favourite wines is made. So this March we finally took a day trip just north of Venice, to the “Prosecco Road”, a nearly 20-mile stretch of steep-sloped vineyards dedicated almost exclusively to making Italy’s most prized bubbly.

By evening, I had a new geographic crush. Read more.

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