Destination: Your Wedding in Italy

An American wedding planner based in Rome will make your dreams of getting married in Italy a reality.

View from Torre di Bellosguardo, our wedding reception site in Florence.

When my husband and I got engaged a decade ago this April, we had a crazy thought: Let’s get married in Florence. Of course we dismissed it, thinking it was out of reach — too expensive, too far, too difficult to plan with the language barrier, too unrealistic.

Our Wedding2 132But we couldn’t let the dream go. And that’s when my mother came across a wedding planner in Italy, an American wedding planner to be exact. Her name is Brenda Babcock, and through her company Italia Celebrations, she assists Americans in every aspect of planning and celebrating a wedding in Italia.

From the seemingly endless paperwork to the negotiation with vendors, every stressful detail is taken care of by Brenda, so that you can actually focus on the fun details.

Able to work with any budget and size, Brenda plans each wedding with her clients primarily through emails and phone calls. If you choose to take a preliminary planning trip, she will meet you and take you through every aspect of the wedding, step by step.  That said, Brenda is so specific and effective in her communication, this trip isn’t necessary, especially if it puts a financial strain on you.

With a plethora of suggestions in so far as location, Brenda is also willing to search out any location you might suggest (as was the case with our wedding). Then, from accommodations, to flowers, to catering, cake, photography, video, make-up, transportation, pre-parties and more, Brenda collaborates with you on the options, finalizing all the arrangements… so you can sit back, relax and enjoy one of the greatest moments of your life — in a beautiful dream.

If you are considering a wedding in Italy, contact Brenda today.

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