Can These Hotels Save Italy’s Dwindling Towns?

A new hotel group aims to breathe life into dying beauty.

This article, written by  with additional writing by Silvia Marchetti, appears on The Guardian.

The new type of hotel rescuing Italy’s hill villages

The alberghi diffusi model is revitalising dwindling communities across Italy by repurposing their unused buildings into ‘scattered hotels’. Our writer lives like a local in a few of these hamlet gems. 

It was an unusual invasion: well-to-do people, most speaking strange tongues, and pulling their belongings behind them on little wheels. Arriving as couples, families, groups of friends, they spent money in the village shop and ate at its few restaurants. Feathers were occasionally ruffled when an outsider sat in some local’s chair at the bar but, overall, these “tourists” were seen as a good thing. This is not somewhere remote in the developing world, however, but Tuscany, just a few years ago. People often fail to grasp how much more there is to this region than Chiantishire and coach tours. Read more at The Guardian…

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