7 Italian Port Towns That Are Missing One Thing–Tourists

These beautiful locales are perfect for travelers who want to break away from the usual tourist stops.

The following article, written by Rachel Delia Benaim, appears on weather.com. 

1. If you’re looking for a place of Gods and humans, Tropea is your place. Mythology has it that Hercules claimed Tropea during his quest for the Golden Fleece. (It’s a great myth!) The cliffs and beaches are gorgeous. The gelaterias aren’t overpriced…and are incredibly delicious! Tropea is known for its seafood, much of which is caught fresh. Interestingly, Tropea’s tourist draws mostly internal Italian tourists, and is still uncommon for foreign travelers.


2. Two hours from Rome, this fishing town is a total catch. Ponza is filled with quaint boutiques run by kind individuals, and they have coffee like you’ve never had elsewhere. They also boast one of the most breathtaking beaches in Italy: Chiaia di Luna. The moon-shaped bay is truly a sight to behold. The majority of Ponza’s visitors are Romans escaping the tourist trap that Rome becomes in the summer.


3. Tuscany has ports, too! The port town of Porto Santo Stefano infused with ancient Spanish and Italian history, and great food. Whether you’re a foodie, a history buff, or love nature, Porto Santo Stefano has something that will appeal to you sensibilities.


4. Piombino, nicknamed “Little Paris,” is teeming with extraordinary architecture, museums, and delicious local food. For the best view of this former naval base, trek up the sea cliff to Piazza Bovio, and prepare to have your breathe taken away.

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