10 Gourmet Adventures in Italy

Set off on a culinary experience in the country known for its delectable dishes.

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10 great gourmet adventures in Italy, chosen by Antonio Carluccio

I was born in Vietri sul Mare, near Salerno, and I’ve travelled up and down the country for the past 40 or 50 years. I’m a lover of sublime yet simple regional food, particularly from small trattorias – run by mama, papa and the entire family – where dishes are created using local produce. I am not a huge fan of Michelin-starred establishments because I don’t believe that a star or two or a thumbs-up from a food critic necessarily maketh a good meal.

Memorable meals I have had, for example one I ate in Sicily at Da Vittorio restaurant in Menfi, feature produce that is fresh. There, fish isn’t refrigerated with ice; it’s caught, gutted, filleted and thrown straight into the pan where it is cooked beautifully and simply.

One of the joys of visiting Italy as a tourist is sampling and savouring the wonderful ingredients and produce specific to each region. Regional specialities can be purchased at food markets, delightful places to visit where you will be tasting – and possibly buying – some of the country’s best products. My favourites include the Rialto in Venice, the Porta Palazzo in Turin, San Lorenzo Mercato Centrale in Florence and the Campo dei Fiori in Rome, or in Napoli and Sicily where every village has a market. If you’d like advice on where to eat, ask the vendors. They, more than anyone else, will know where the best place is to go for fresh fare. Read more and view the list of Culinary Experiences at The Telegraph…

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