Where We’ve Been, Where We Are and Where We’re Going

Join us as we begin to examine the Italian American identity.

By: The Italian American Podcast

At the start of Italian American Heritage Month last October, we created the ITALIAN IDENTITY 2020 SURVEY, which is our effort to understand what the Italian American community really looks like today, and what we will become in the future.


More than 1,600 passionate Italian Americans from around the country have made their voices heard, and we are poring over the responses with a fine-tooth comb, seeking to understand all we can learn about our Italian American culture from the results.

In this episode, the first in a multi-part series dissecting the findings, we’ll discuss the demographic data our survey revealed–which gender, age, and geographic locations responded to our call, where in Italy their families came from, what type of education they had achieved, what professions they practice each day, and what generation of the Italian American immigrant story they come from. It’s a fascinating introduction to the voices that make up our findings, and one that inspired our usual tangential explorations of the minutia of Italian American life.

And, once the episode premieres, you’ll be able to see detailed results on our Facebook page…so if you haven’t already, click here to head over and follow us now! 

If YOU are a proud Italian American who wants to understand all you can about our people, this will be a series you can’t afford to miss!

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