Millennials, Take Note

The generations before us have much to teach – through learning.

This story was first reported in Italy on Chieti Today.

Nicola Torello, a 91 year old man who lives in Chieti, Italy, just attended middle school for the first time.

Torello, a tailor who never completed his studies as a child, said he wanted to return to school as a means of coping with the death of his beloved wife, Licia. In an admirable effort to fill his time, he focused on learning – and living – more.

The young-at-heart student wrote papers about his experiences in World War II as a soldier serving in Greece.  He learned the English language.  And, he even earned top marks on his final exam in math.

After completing his studies, Torello celebrated at a graduation party attended by his grandchildren and the mayor of his city, too.

So what will come next for this shining new graduate? According to Torello, he would like to understand and use a computer. He told the Chieti Today, “I will keep learning, because my time must always be full.”

Nicola Torello will celebrate his 92nd birthday this October.  You can view a photo of him with his graduating class at Chieti Today.

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