Mama Gallucci, and so Many Like Her, Have Left a Legacy Worth Preserving

The late Nonna, and her iconic generation, remind us of what being Italian-American is all about.

You may not recognize the late Mama Ann Gallucci, but you know scores of nonnas who were just like her, nonnos too.

The 85-and-over fixtures at Italian restaurants, delis and shops, who spent decades clipping your hair or making your favorite pasta, all while sneaking candies to the local kids.

They hail from the G.I. and Silent generations, and like with Ann, we lose another every day.

Passing the Torch

It’s bittersweet, it’s a part of life and it’s sobering, as we too watch sand slip through the hourglass.

So, what to do from this day to our last?

Share a recipe, pass on a tradition, impart an old school lesson, explore your family history and keep smiling, like Ann did.

Chances are, you’re doing one or all of these things already.

1930 to 2020

Italian Sons and Daughters of America represents many things to many people, but in the end, we’re just the meeting space–it’s you, our members and followers, who make the community what it is.

Let’s keep building, fighting and sharing to make 2020 a remarkable year, as we celebrate the 90th anniversary of our founding.

Perhaps start today by visiting your local shop, to spend time with those who God may have plans for tomorrow.

In Memory of Ann

Ann, who recently passed away at 94, spent her days working with her husband and children at the Gust Gallucci Company, their 107-year-old Italian grocery in Cleveland, Ohio.

Ann made sure everyone was well fed, showing her love through amazing, traditional Italian dishes. Loyal customers loved saying hello to her, as she stirred her famous pasta and pizza sauces.

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