Italian Ghost Town to Host World Championship

An odd but fun annual gathering breathes life into an abandoned Italian town...

This article, written by Annalisa Merelli, appears on Quartz.

A ghost town in Italy is about to come back to life for a hide-and-seek “world championship”

The hilly village of Consonno, set in the foothills of the Alps in Lombardy, northern Italy, was once known as Milan’s “Land of Toys.” It was built in 1968 by Count Mario Bagno, a real estate developer who wanted to create an Italian Las Vegas, after he had convinced the locals to let him demolish the ancient rural town with false promises of development and wealth. For eight years, with its Grand Hotel Plaza, a night club, several buildings of eclectic design (a pagoda, a minaret), a zoo, and even a small sightseeing train, the town was a party destination.

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