Italian Educators Boycott Assessments

See how the decision is affecting higher education...

This article, written by Alberto Baccini and Giuseppe De Nicolao, appears on Times Higher Education.

Academics in Italy have boycotted assessment. What has it achieved?

Many Italians have refused to take part in the country’s research assessment exercise. Alberto Baccini and Giuseppe De Nicolao consider the protest’s impact

UK academics who dislike the research excellence framework often suggest boycotting it. But could it ever really happen? And what would the consequences be?

Italy provides some evidence. The country has its own version of the REF, known as the VQR (“Evaluation of Research Quality”). Academics were required to submit, by 15 March, two publications published between 2011 and 2014 to be assessed via a hybrid system of peer review and metrics. But Italian universities are in turmoil because of the refusal of large numbers to do so. Read more at Times Higher Education…

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