October Is National Italian American Heritage Month

Explore your Italian ancestry and see how it fits in to our greater cultural heritage.

Each year, October is designated as National Italian American Heritage Month.

It is a time set aside for the 18 million Americans of Italian descent to celebrate their family’s history, traditions and value.

As one of the largest Italian-American organizations in the country, ISDA works to deepen and strengthen the Italian-American experience for all. That’s why, each week this month, ISDA will spotlight initiatives in areas such as education, business, the arts and more (while unveiling a few new initiatives, too). 

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The stories that bind us together 

Each Italian family possesses meaningful accounts of struggle, discovery and perseverance that connect yesterday to today. Take your children and grandchildren on this cultural exploration and bind them to our storied past and bright future.

Want to explore your family’s history? Visit our brand new History page, and take advantage of The Carmela Pellegrino ISDA Historical Library — both will give you the resources, insights and details you need to start or deepen your cultural exploration.

Together, we are Italian America

The mission of the Italian Sons and Daughters of America is and always has been to preserve our heritage for the benefit of future generations. We ask that you join with us, so we may all work together in accomplishing this important goal.

This October, let the 18 million Americans of Italian descent share a singular and meaningful voice of pride, community and gratitude.

Basil M. Russo
National President of the Italian Sons and Daughters of America


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