How to Plan a Wedding in Italy

A bevy of options to help you get the ball rolling...

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My very first travel feature, published by Bermuda’s Royal Gazette newspaper in 1998, was about my first proper trip to Italy; Naples to Capri to Florence to Siena. I was on my own after a semester in France and totally free in a foreign land that somehow seemed so familiar. It was a kind of comfort combined with liberation that has been hard to replicate in my travels since.

What has remained in my mind is a clear goal: I would live there later in life with my little vineyard. The vision is always me, older, happy in the serenity of the Tuscan hills, still listening to the soundtrack of Bertolucci’s film Stealing Beauty.

Now I want you to hear the record scratch as we rewind to present day.

My partner of almost five years and I are planning a wedding celebration in Italy. Not because I am chasing the aforementioned goal, and not because we want to be fancy, but because half the guest list is already there. So there’s my Mario, who is, as you may have guessed, very Italian. (While I like to think my radar has always been set to tall, handsome and Tuscan, we met quite randomly while he was working in Toronto.)

Born and raised in Piombino – a lovely Etruscan town with gorgeous ocean views and incredible food – Mario’s family and close friends are all there, with a few closer to Rome in Civitavecchia. Read more and view some incredible options at The Huffington Post…

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