Celebrating St. Joseph’s Day

Paul Sassone of Chicago Tribune talks about the tradition of St. Joseph's table.



Paul Sassone: St. Patrick’s Day isn’t the only March day worth celebrating

My mother being Irish, St. Patrick’s Day was a big deal at our house. Mom made sure we all were wearing something green when we toddled off to school on St. Patrick’s Day.

Every year, she would attend a St. Pat’s parade somewhere. And everyone in the family received a St. Patrick’s Day card each and every year.

My father was not Irish, but Italian. He didn’t work at it, though. He just worked at work. So, I didn’t even know about, much less observe, St. Joseph’s day until I was an adult.

St. Joseph’s Day is March 19, while St. Pat’s is March 17. Everyone celebrates St. Patrick’s Day. St. Joseph, not so much. A big reason for this disparity, I think, is that on St. Patrick’s Day, you do things for yourself. On St. Joseph’s Day, you do things for other people. Read more at Chicago Tribune…

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