Italy: Then and Now

A daughter recreates her mother's photographs from a trip abroad 30 years ago.

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Daughter recreates images from mom’s Italian vacation 30 years earlier

Few things stay the same after 30 years.

But for an American woman looking to recreate photographs of famous Italian landmarks her mother had visited three decades earlier, finding the ancient sites were a snap.

Journalist Lydia Coutré says when she was young, she would look at her mother’s old travel slides of her trip to Europe she took with friends in 1982. So in 2012, as a college student, when picking where to study abroad, Florence was a no brainer.

“I actually was inspired to go to Italy after seeing her slides when I was working on a fifth grade project,” Coutré told  “So when I had the chance to study there through Kent State University, I jumped on board.”

But, Coutré didn’t just want to visit the places where her mother went; she wanted to document how things have changed –or not.

Before her trip abroad, Lydia’s parents gave her a slide converter so she could transfer and compare the old images on her computer -allowing her to create a roadmap for her trip.

Along the way, she compiled then-and-now pictures including shots along the Arno river in Tuscany, the Piazza Michelangelo in Florence, and the Leaning Tower of Pisa.  Coutré even enlisted the help of a few friends to recreate a group photo in front of Rome’s Colosseum.

In addition to her time in Italy, Coutré took trips to Interlaken, Switzerland,  Athens and Santorini in Greece, and London—places her mother had also captured on film in the 1980s.

After returning back to the U.S., Coutré collected the photos into a project called “Italia: 30 Years Later.”

Read more and view the photos at Fox News.

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