101-year-old Italian Immigrant Born During Spanish Flu Survives COVID

Angelina Sciales was born on a steamship headed for NYC in 1918, and more than a century later, she has survived a second pandemic.

Angelina Sciales was born in 1918 on a steamship that was bringing immigrants from Italy to New York City. It was during the second wave of the Spanish flu pandemic, CNN reports.

Her mother died giving birth on the ship, and she was taken care of by her two sisters, who were also on board,” said Joanne Merola, Friedman’s daughter.

According to the World Health Organization, the Spanish flu infected about a third of the world’s population and about 50 million people died from the disease.

Throughout her life, Friedman survived miscarriages, cancer, sepsis and now, a second pandemic—COVID-19.

Friedman, a resident of the North Westchester Restorative Therapy and Nursing Center in Lake Mohegan, N.Y., was taken to the hospital March 21 for a medical procedure but received a COVID-19 diagnosis. She spent a week in the hospital then returned to the nursing home, where she was isolated in her room.

After running a fever on and off for several weeks, Friedman finally tested negative for coronavirus April 20.

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