Italian Soccer Team Bans Photos With Rapper Because He Might Be Bad Luck

The unofficial ban took hold as AS Roma battles for a UEFA Champions League slot.

By: Cindy Boren, The Washington Post 

Whenever Drake shows up to root for an athlete or a team, it’s a mixed bag. Sure, the rapper brings star power, but he also may be a jinx because he happens to have been present when disaster has befallen those he cheers on. Just ask the Toronto Raptors. Or Serena Williams. Or Conor McGregor. Or any number of European soccer players.

Now one team will take a strong measure to make sure it won’t become the latest Drake dud. AS Roma, the Italian soccer club, has (perhaps with tongue in cheek) banned players from socializing with him as it hopes to qualify for a spot in next season’s UEFA Champions League competition. It has good reason for its decision, with the winner getting up to $75 million in prize money. Roma is fifth in Serie A play and must finished fourth or better to qualify for the Champions League. Continue reading at The Washington Post

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Photo by: Anton Mak

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