Fabiano Caruana Narrowly Defeated at 2018 World Chess Championship

Caruana was in striking distance of being the first American in 46 years to win the coveted chess title.

After 600 moves, 50 hours of play and 12 straight ties, Norway’s Magnus Carlsen defeated U.S. contender Fabiano Caruana this week.

Caruana, the 26-year-old Brooklyn-raised chess prodigy, would have been the first player in 46 years to win the FIDE World Chess Championship.

The last American to capture the coveted chess title was Bobby Fischer in 1972, when he defeated the Soviet Union’s Boris Spassky.

Carlsen, 27, took the crown Wednesday following a three-game tiebreaker round.

Carlsen won $860,000, while Caruana took home $700,000.

Carlsen’s ability to visualize and plot out moves before touching the pieces, and Caruana’s unshakable concentration, which guides his virtually flawless style, gave way to truly compelling play between the no. 1- and no. 2-ranked players in the world.

Congratulations to Fabiano for his outstanding achievements this year.

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