Family Recipe: Pasta al Tonno (Tuna Pasta)

Submitted by Joe of the Rosalina Family in Cleveland, Ohio.

We’ve tried this one and it’s delicious! Perfect for a weeknight when you are slammed and need something on the table in 15 minutes. Plus, most of the ingredients are likely already in your kitchen. Buon Appetito!

Who taught you this recipe?

This is a new one for our family that I started making after living in Rome for a year.  My four kids all love it!

When does your family use this recipe?

This is my go-to for any weeknight dinner.

What is your favorite memory of making this recipe?

I made this for my four year old Godson. He is an extremely picky eater and had never eaten tuna at the time. He ended up asking for seconds. I took a photo of him next to his empty pasta bowl and sent it to his parents — They couldn’t believe he ate it!


These measurements are approximates. I usually eyeball everything. Simply adjust to your liking.

Handful of thinly sliced onions

Two handfuls of grape tomatoes cut in half

Pinch or two of chopped parsley

About 1/2 cup chicken broth

Dash of Italian white wine

Genova Tuna (tuna soaked in olive oil)

Cooking Instructions:

Boil water with olive oil and salt, add pasta.

In a sauté pan, add two rounds of olive oil over med/med high heat.

When oil is hot, add thinly sliced onions and sauté.

When onions are soft, add grape tomatoes and salt and pepper to taste.

Add parsley and cover. Cook on med/med high heat until tomatoes soften.

Add chicken broth and dash of Italian white wine, add tuna.

Tuna shouldn’t cook too long. Once tuna mixes in w sauce pour over hot pasta and serve.

*Adding more salt, pepper optional. Adding cheese optional for Americans only! 

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