Family Recipe: Jam Crostata

Francesca Montillo's "go-to" dessert recipe that pairs great with an espresso.

This article is written by Contributing Editor Francesca Montillo from The Lazy Italian.

In the summer of 1997, I was in between jobs and decided to spend the summer in Italy. My aunt Ida made a delicious jam tart, or as it’s called in Italian, “crostata” and I just had to master it myself. I was young and just learning my ways in the kitchen and I must say that this is one recipe that I am very proud for having mastered. Every time I make it, it always brings me back to that wonderful summer of 1997. As you can see, once you make the crust a few times and have mastered the process, you can make numerous variations. I plan on making it with ricotta and pastry cream for the upcoming Easter holiday. I will be sure to post a recipe of that one, as it is unbelievably delicious! It’s also sinfully delicious made with Nutella. That and orange zest makes for a great combination. Read more and get the recipe at The Lazy Italian…

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