Family Recipe: Aunt Carm’s Braciole

Pan-fried, simmered in homemade sauce, and filled with Italian meats, cheeses and hard-boiled egg.

By: Felicia LaLomia, ISDA Contributor 

This is a recipe my great Aunt Carm has been bringing around for our Italian Thanksgiving for years. It’s always a hit, and no one gets to go home with leftovers because there never are any. 

In typical Italian fashion, when I asked her for the recipe, she didn’t have it written down. It’s all by memory, and I had to sit down next to her with a paper and pen to get it. 

For three braciole

Three top rounds – cut quarter inch

Half pound of Italian lunch meats: sopressata, capicola, salami, prosciutto, ham. Any or all.

Meatball mixture – raw (breadcrumbs, parmesan cheese, spices, ground beef, ground sausage)

Four hard boiled eggs – sliced

Half pound provolone cheese

Olive oil

Cooking twine or aluminum nails


Pound out top round pieces nice and flat.

Layer the lunch meat and cheese.

Spread the raw meatball mixture.

Layer the hard boiled eggs on top of the meatball mixture.

Make sure to fold up the ends and then roll it into a little package. Tie with string or nail with aluminum nails. 

Heat a pan over medium high and add olive oil. Brown braciole on all sides and ends.

Drop package into simmering tomato sauce and cook for three hours.

Slice and serve.

Note: This recipe can be customized or changed for taste. Ex: you can add spinach, mushrooms or different cheeses, or omit the egg.


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