6th Day Before Christmas: Make Anise Pizzelles

No holiday gathering is complete without them, and "The Lazy Italian" has us covered with a festive take.

Francesca Montillo of The Lazy Italian shares her recipe for the holiday staple with ISDA.

Anise Pizzelle

Oh pizzelle…. How I love thee… Whether it’s Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day or just a plan ol’ Sunday, (is there such a thing, really? I LOVE Sundays!), pizzelle are always welcomed in my household. Traditionally made with anise, and that is my preferred method, but they can also be made with vanilla, rum, lemon or orange or even chocolate. Some folks dip them in chocolate, but I find that to be just a bit too much (who knew chocolate could ever be too much!) and not very complimentary to the anise. I just dust mines with a bit of confectionary sugar and a few simple sprinkles here and there.

As far as the fat used in these, some recipes will call for oil, others margarine, lard or Crisco. But give me good, old fashioned melted butter and that’s the only way I will ever make them. They crisp up nicely, don’t have an aftertaste and cook to perfection in their special pizzelle press. Lay them on paper towels or a clean cotton kitchen towel to cool off before plating. Read more and get the recipe at The Lazy Italian…

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