NYC Barbershop Still Hustling and Bustling After 80 Years

The family-owned, Italian-American barbershop attracts all kinds, from everyday New Yorkers to A-list celebrities.

With so many NYC businesses dropping like flies, because of skyrocketing rent, one barbershop remains.

Since 1939, Astor Place Hairstylists has been setting trends with gusto and pure skill, and is still one of NYC’s most loved institutions.

They cut from cradle to grave–literally.

The Vezza family, their loyal customers and over 50 stylists show why this Italian-American business attracts them all, from everyday New Yorkers to A-list stars.

The documentary, Astor Place All-Stars — by filmmaker Karen Gehres — addresses the immigrant experience and business’s survival in a very personal way.

To view the complete film, click here

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