Torched Churches and Toppled Statues Show Depravity of Mob Rule in US

Burned up Virgin Mary statues and toppled monuments are an assault on Italian Americans and democracy at large.

Nihilo sanctum estne (Is nothing sacred)?

The philosophical Latin question takes on new meaning as vandals continue to destroy and deface statues, from Christopher Columbus and George Washington, to Jesus and the Virgin Mary.

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Here’s the hard truth: the destruction is appalling.

Blatant disregard for the law is an easy way to grab headlines and spark charged dialogue about history and race relations, but it’s hard to see any lasting benefit of such dangerous and incendiary acts.

These criminals and flash mobs should be ashamed, in part, because they’ve hijacked and undercut peaceful protests aimed at racial equality.

Anyone can topple a statue or burn down a sacred structure, but the chaos does little to advance a meaningful dialogue.

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