Thieves Steal Jewels Worth Millions From Italian Palace

The theft occurred on Wednesday during the last day of a globally-renowned jewelry exhibition.

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In a heist reminiscent of an Ocean’s Eleven film – or a Tintin adventure – thieves stole exquisite jewellery from a collection of Indian maharajahs’ treasures on display in the Doge’s Palace in Venice on Wednesday.

The jewellery, believed to include bracelets and necklaces, was brazenly swiped on the final day of the exhibition, which opened in September. The items were taken from a display case by one or possibly two men, who were caught on CCTV cameras but managed to escape.

The declared value of the stolen items on customs forms was only around 30,000 euros but in reality they were probably worth millions, police sources told the Italian media.

Entitled “Treasures of the Mughals and the Maharajahs”, the exhibition boasted nearly 300 objects spanning five centuries of Indian craftsmanship.

The collection is owned by a member of the Al Thani ruling family of Qatar and when not on display in exhibitions around the world is kept under lock and key in London.

The Doge’s Palace, known in Italian as the Palazzo Ducale, sits at one end of St Mark’s Square and was for centuries the seat of the Venetian republic’s government, until its 1,000 years of independence was snuffed out by Napoleon. Continue reading at The Telegraph. 

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