Starbucks Arriving to Italy With ‘Humility and Respect’

The global coffee purveyor has boldly staked a claim in Milan's historic Palazzo Delle Poste building.

It’s happening, but will it work?

Starbucks, one of the world’s most popular purveyors of coffee, announced Monday that it plans to open its first Italian location in September.

Starbucks’ first outpost in the land of espresso and cappuccino will be a Roastery, a higher-end, sprawling location where beans are roasted in-house and visitors can watch the entire coffee-making process, from green beans to finished cup, NPR reports.

The Milan Roastery will be housed in the historic Palazzo Delle Poste building, in Piazza Cordusio.

Starbucks’ CEO Howard Schultz said his vision for the coffeehouse franchise came during a trip to Milan in 1983, where he experienced the communal settings of Italy’s coffee bars and cafes, according to The Local. 

“I came to Milan as a young man, in 1983… My imagination was captured by Italian coffee,” Schultz said at the Seeds & Chips global food summit, which is being held in Milan. “We are not coming here to teach Italians how to make coffee, we’re coming here with humility and respect, to show what we’ve learned.”

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