Pope Francis Baptizes Migrant Who Disarmed Cleaver-wielding Robber

John Ogah, a Nigerian beggar in Rome, disarmed the criminal and was granted residency by Italian police.

The following article appears on BBC.com.

Six months ago Nigerian John Ogah was alone, without a home or job, begging for small change outside an Italian supermarket in Rome.

He struggles for words to describe his situation, likening his survival to that of a dead person with nothing to lose.

“It was difficult for me, really. When I [say] difficult, difficult,” the former undocumented migrant tells the BBC in a phone interview.

But fast-forward half a year and John is a legal resident in Italy and hailed a “migrant hero” for confronting an armed robber. He feels like the luckiest man on earth now that he has literally been blessed by the Pope himself.

As part of Saturday’s Easter service at the Vatican, the 31-year-old bent before Pope Francis to be baptised alongside seven other adults from around the world. Continue reading at BBC.com. 

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