Meet the Old School Italian Doctor Who Makes House Calls on Horseback

Hooves thudding across Italy's northern hills signal that help is on the way.

The following article appears on The Local.

Through vineyards stretching as far as the eye can see and shrouded in fog, the thud of hooves pounding the loose earth grows louder. A man on horseback gallops into view.

It could be a scene from a 19th century literary classic, but in the hills of Italy’s northern Piedmont region, Roberto Anfosso is just commuting to work.

For the last 10 years, the slight 63-year-old doctor, with white hair, glasses and a neat moustache, has been making his house calls to patients on horseback.

The rural region of Verduno, known for its wine and hazelnuts, has an aging population.

“This is one of the pockets of Italy with the longest life expectancy. The patients I visit are at least 70 years old. The oldest was 104,” he says, patting Ambra’s sleek brown coat. Continue reading at The Local. 

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