Long Island Man Allegedly Ridiculed, Fired for Italian Heritage Files Lawsuit

Ronald Velocci is suing his former boss after he was allegedly mocked and derided over his Italian heritage.

A car service executive is making headlines for allegedly firing a Long Island man because of his Italian heritage.

According to claims outlined in a Brooklyn federal lawsuit, an Italian-American sales rep, Ronald Velocci, was referred to by his boss — Addison Lee Group CEO Timothy Rose — as a “Guinea” and was told to “take the spaghetti out of (his) ears” when he complained.

Rose also reportedly pressed Velocci to engage in questionable business practices, and when Velocci refused, Rose allegedly responded: “We got a Guinea here with, what is that, a moral compass?”

Velocci was fired in October 2017 by Rose, which prompted him to file the suit.

An Addison spokesman “strenuously” denied the allegations against Rose, the New York Post reports.

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