Italy Aims to Raise Billions Through Lighthouse Restoration

Once used to guide lost sailors, these structures will now help rescue Italy's ailing economy.

The following article, written by Silvia Marchetti, appears on

The lighthouse of Cape Milazzo is a ghost building set atop a cliff that falls into Sicily’s turquoise sea. It overlooks an ancient fortress and stands guard as a solitary lookout.

Newly-wed couples come to its feet to shoot sunset photos while village grannies chat, kids lick their gelato and believers flock to the tiny picturesque chapel carved into the rock.

Everyone has forgotten about the lighthouse, covered in lush vegetation.

But now the lonely structure, along with dozens of others, will be given a new life through a lavish makeover that will turn it into a luxury five suite resort.

Following a triple-dip recession, Italy’s government is raising cash by leasing its empty lighthouses. They’re artistic and historical gems. In the past these artificial lights came to the rescue of lost sailors, today they are helping to fill public reserves. So they’re still beacons of hope. Continue reading at 

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