Italians Rally to Save Dog From Death Row

Denmark ordered Iceberg the dog to be put down, that's when Italy came to her aid.

The following article appears on The Local. 

Italians rally to rescue Denmark death-row dog

A dog ordered to be put down in Denmark has been allowed to return to her native Italy, after the country mobilized to save the pet.

It took the intervention of politicians, a pop singer, and a petition with hundreds of thousands of signatures, to ensure the happy ending to the story.

Iceberg the dog was due to be put down by authorities in the Scandinavian country because her breed — the Argentine mastiff — is considered dangerous to people under Danish law.

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Her owner, Italian chef Giuseppe Perna, says he only became aware he was keeping the pet illegally in Denmark after two-year-old Iceberg was embroiled in a skirmish with another dog and was taken away by the police. Before that, she had cleared customs and was carrying all the right documents, according to news agency Ansa.

Italian animal rights’ organization Enpa led a huge effort to save the dog, and Italians reacted strongly.

Enpa bombarded the Danish embassy with emails, eventually forcing a meeting at the country’s Italian embassy.

Meanwhile, the Save Iceberg campaign on petition platform gathered more than 374,000 signatures, and Italian pop singer Noemi joined hundreds of others for a protest last week outside the Danish embassy in Rome.

It was a success, with Danish Environment Minister Esben Lunde Larsen announcing on Wednesday that Iceberg would be allowed to go home. Continue reading at The Local. 

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