Italian Court Cracks Down on Widespread Restaurant Scam

Restaurants routinely serve frozen meals without telling guests -- that's about to change.

The following article, written by Catherine Edwards, appears on The Local.

Serving frozen food without telling customers is fraud, rules top Italian court

Serving frozen food at a restaurant without explicitly labelling it as such is a crime, Italy’s top court said in a ruling published on Monday.

Thousands of tourists travel to Italy each year to sample the famed national cuisine, but many unknowingly end up in restaurants serving reheated frozen meals to maximize on profits.

The country’s legal system is now cracking down on this, with hefty fines issued to restaurants which serve frozen food to unsuspecting customers. While serving frozen food in itself is allowed, neglecting to label it on menus amounts to fraud and can lead to fines or even jail sentences for guilty restaurateurs.

Monday’s case related to a Milan eatery, which was fined €200 for failing to inform customers that the food served wasn’t fresh.

A local court had accused the chef of commercial fraud after a restaurant inspection revealed the freezers to be fully stocked, despite there being no mention of frozen food on the menu. Continue reading at The Local. 

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