Italian Bride Celebrates Dream Wedding by Marrying — Herself?

This news is anything but fake. Apparently, it's all part of a new "sologamy" trend.


Laura Mesi’s September wedding had it all.

The blushing bride unveiled a $12,000 wedding dress, enjoyed a full ceremony with more than 70 guests, which included four bridesmaids, catering and a three-layer cake.

Yet Mesi was missing just one thing: a groom.

The 40-year-old Italian fitness instructor had spent nearly a third of her life in a relationship that went nowhere, which triggered her decision to marry the only person she could spend the rest of her life with: herself.

It’s apparently part of a new trend, called “sologamy” where people marry themselves to celebrate the joy and freedom of being single.

The trend was sparked 25 years ago when Linda Baker — a dental hygienist from Los Angeles — grew tired of showering her married friends with gifts and decided to host her own self-marriage ceremony, according to Vice.

“You can have a fairytale without the prince,” she told Italy’s La Repubblica newspaper. “I firmly believe that each of us must first of all love ourselves.”

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