ISDA: 400,000 Strong and Growing

After nearly 100 years, Italian Sons and Daughters of America is stronger than ever.

This week, we reached an unmatched milestone: 400,000 Likes on Facebook — making ISDA the most followed and influential Italian organization in the U.S.

Plus, since launching our world-class website in 2015, we’ve drawn in more than one million clicks, many of which came from people like you who wanted to engage in, share and deepen the Italian-American experience.

Yet these numbers only begin to tell the story of how we’re working every day to uphold our rich history and uplift our bright future.

Every year, we award more than $200,000 in college scholarships and film grants to up-and-coming Italian-American students and filmmakers.

We also invest thousands more into resources and content initiatives that inform, educate and offer the necessary tools to grow closer to our culture.

As we look ahead, it’s important to stop, reflect and say that we couldn’t have done any of this without our ISDA community — thank you so much for all the pledges and support. 

Italian America forever. 

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