Hospital Workers on Italy’s Front Lines Are Gutsy, Everyday Heroes

They won't stop until this is over, let's help them win.

By: John M. Viola, ISDA Vice President

During these difficult times for the United States, Italy and the world, it is important that we take the opportunity to remember those most in need. Every nation, and surely every family, is dealing with the coronavirus pandemic every day, and Italy, the home of the Constantinian Order for centuries, has suffered immensely.

To that end, the leader of this Italian Catholic order, HRH Prince Carlo of Bourbon-Two Sicilies, has called on people from around the world to help gather support for Italy’s hospitals and those working on the front lines in this global health emergency.

Donations will be distributed equally amongst hospitals in the Italian regions where the spread of this epidemic and a lack of intensive care equipment might have even more dramatic consequences, particularly in Southern Italy and Sicily, the ancestral homeland of 87% of the Italian American community.

Please click here to contribute to this effort.

All gifts to the United States Delegation are fully tax-deductible, and every donation, no matter the amount, represents a significant contribution to our global effort to create hope in a time of hopelessness.

The American Delegation of The Sacred Military Constantinian Order of Saint George is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization located in New York, New York.

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