Gondolier Attacked by Tourist in Venice Over ‘Selfie’ Photo

Footage of the attack has been viewed more than 100,000 times.

A heated confrontation between a gondolier and a tourist in Venice was captured on camera Sunday afternoon, and the dispute was reportedly sparked over a selfie.

The incident, first reported in La Nuova di Venezia, occurred near the Bareteri Bridge after a group of four people apparently climbed aboard a docked gondola to take pictures.

The gondolier kicked the group off of his boat, and began arguing with one of the tourists.

As the dispute escalates, the tourist shoves, punches and head-butts the local boater.

Watch as the jarring fight unfolds:

Over the last year alone, tourists have stolen gondolas to go on joy rides, they have jumped from bridges into the canals, and have even remained glued to their cell phones on boat rides, as seen below.


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